Saturday, August 29, 2009

SNGF: Ancestors I've Met

For SNGF this week, our challenge is to list the ancestors we've met.  I'm afraid I haven't met that many:

* my parents, who are still living
* three of my grandparents (one still living)
* one great-grandparent

The ancestors I've met who have passed on are:

* Gladys Viola Healey Shinn, my great-grandmother. She born in 1898 in San Francisco, married Elmer John Shinn and came to Lodi, CA where she lived the rest of her life.  She died at age 100 in 1998, one week before my eleventh birthday. Buried at Stockton Rural Cemetery, Stockton, San Joaquin, CA.

* Jane Rose Lapiccirella, my grandmother.  She was born in Warren, OH in 1930.  Came to Michigan at some point and settled in Jackson, Jackson, MI where she died in 2004.  I only met her once when I was a baby and she came out to California for a visit, though I talked on the phone with her and exchanged letters with her over the years. Cremated.

* Everett Heman Shinn, my grandfather, son of Gladys V. Healey Shinn above.  Was born in San Joaquin Co., CA in 1925.  He lived in Lodi and later Isleton, CA and died in Sacramento, CA in 2000.  Buried in Woodbridge Masonic Cemetery, Woodbridge, San Joaquin, CA.

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