Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GeneaBlogger Games 2010 Diary, Day 3 (2/15) - 5 (2/17)

Day 3:
First off, I completed my Ahnentafel page (which can be found on the left-side of this blog at the top and under pages) which falls under Task E in the Write, Write, Write section and earned me a Bronze medal there.

Next off, I made a page on Footnote for my third great-grandfather, John W. Berger.  I was actually not planning on making one of these but I'm glad I did because it was so much fun!  I plan on making many more in the future.

Doing the Footnote page is enough to get me a Platinum in the Expand Your Knowledge area.  Yay!

I also completed Tasks B and D in the Organize Your Research section so I've got a Silver there (am going for Platinum). And then I backed it all up on a flash drive and my parents' computer which is a Bronze in the Back Up Your Data! section.  While I was organizing those files, I also, FINALLY, got around to adding sources to them (23, so that's a Silver)

Day 4:
Some sourcing/organizing, but no medals.

Day 5:
I did B, C and D in the Write, Write, Write area which is enough for a Diamond there.  By the time this posts, I'll also have completed Task E in the Organize Your Research section because I'm currently scanning some letters and pictures.

Here is a breakdown of what I've done in each catagory:

1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources! - Silver
2. Back Up Your Data! - Bronze
3. Organize Your Research! - Gold
4. Expand Your Knowledge - Platinum (COMPLETED THIS SECTION)
5. Write, Write, Write - Diamond
6. Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness - haven't competed yet, though I've added thirty+ blogs to my Google Reader in the last two days.

I'm going to concentrate on organizing and genealogical acts of kindness over the next couple days.

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  1. You Go Girl! Jeeze Louise I am getting behind. You youngsters are kicking my butt!


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