Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Tizzards

This post is for Task D of the Write, Write, Write section of the 2010 GeneaBlogger Games.  While the Tizzards (also spelled Tyzard and Tisard) have one of the more unique surnames in my tree they were just regular working folk.  Farmers, laborers, maids and laundresses make up this family.  They lived in southern England, primarily the Dorset area, in rural villages except for those who went to the cities (London, Dorchester or the Weymouth area) during the Industrial Revolution.  I can't trace my line very far, it starts with William Tizzard.  He was born around 1800 in the Frampton area of Dorset.  He married Harriet Gibbons (born about 1807 in East Lulworth) in 1830 in Frampton.  Their daughter Susannah was born on 19 Nov that same year.  Their daughter Elizabeth was born about two years later, also in Dorset.  I think William died not long after this because just Harriet and the girls appear in all the later records. 

In 1841 Harriet appears with her girls (ages 10 and 8) in Frampton.  She is single and her occupation is "of independent means."  Many other "Tizards" appear on the same page so though William was gone, it seems as though Harriet had many of her husband's relatives nearby to lean on.

In 1851, Harriet is 42 and living in Sydling St. Nicolas, Dorset with her girls (ages 20 and 18).  They are living on West Street with Harriet working as a laundress and both girls working as seamstresses.  I wonder why they moved from Frampton where they clearly had family.  But, I'm glad they went to Sydling St. Nicolas because that is where Susannah's future husband was from.  In 1853 Susannah married Robert Rendle Croad and they lived in Sydling St. Nicolas the rest of their lives.  They had thirteen children and also raised their illegitimate granddaughter.  Of those fourteen children, all but four lived to adulthood.  Robert's family had long been in Sydling St. Nicolas and he carried on the family (and regionally predominant) occupation of "agricultural labourer."  Susannah also continued to work and was a seamstress during the early years of her marriage.  Robert died in 1903, Susannah in 1907.  During their lifetimes they saw their children move farther than in generations past.  Most stayed in southern England, but several went to Wales to work in the coal mines and two went to America (one around 1894, the other around the time of Susannah's death).

Harriet's other daughter, Elizabeth married George Courtney around the same time Susannah married Robert Rendle Croad.  They lived in Sydling St. Nicolas for a time before moving to Minterne Magna in the 1860s.  Harriet lived with Elizabeth and her family in 1861.  By 1871 Harriet is living in Sydling St. Nicolas on East Street (Susannah and her family are on West Street).  Harriet is a "pauper" in this census.  She dies a few years later in 1876.

Elizabeth and George Courtney have two daughters, Martha Tizzard Courtney and Jane Courtney.  Martha goes to London to work as maid and for several years worked in the household of the Bischoffsheim family who were wealthy financiers that married well (one daughter became Countess of Desart).  Martha married William Barrett and they lived in London.  After her husband's death, Martha went to Nottinghamshire to live with her sister and her family, the Greens.  Jane's husband Augustus P. Green was also a domestic (a butler).  Before going to Nottinghamshire, they also lived in London.  They had five children and went to Nottinghamshire in the mid-1890s.

Susannah Tizzard Croad was my third great-grandmother through her son Frederick Rendle who came to Michigan around 1894.

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