Sunday, February 21, 2010

GeneaBlogger Games 2010 Diary, Day 6 (2/18) through Day 9 (2/21)

Day 6 and 7:

Day 8:
Organizing, but nothing medal worthy

Day 9:
More organizing, but again, not medal worthy.  I've been trying different methods of organizing my digital files because I've never been happy with my original method (or lack thereof).  I haven't really found a style I like completely so I'm just going to create my own and use the elements from all the different styles I've tried that I like the most.  I also added a 7th generation to my ahnentafel page but this isn't medal worthy either. And I added some memorials to FindAGrave but sadly, I don't have any pictures to add to those memorials so I can't count them in the FindAGrave Task, too bad too because it would have gotten me a Bronze in that catagory.  RAoGK Catagory is the one I need to work on the most (and the one I want to work on the most) so that will be my concentration today (Day 9).  I'm not going to be getting a Platinum in sourcing or organizing and I'm a-okay with that.  In fact, I doubt I'll do much more in either of those catagories.  My sourcing and organizing is okay and it isn't really an area I NEED to focus on so I don't see the harm in going after the more enjoyable catagories.  I DO want a Platinum in the Write, Write, Write catagory and I'm currently working on the task that'll get me there.  But for now, my medal count is the same as its been.


  1. I have plenty of tombstone willing to share a couple so you get that medal. You can contact me at linda-dot-hiser-at-gmail-dot-com and I will send you a couple.

  2. That organization challenge is a hard one. My difficulty was in getting enough done in a single category - x number of photos, or x number of digital documents, etc.

  3. Linda-
    Thank you so much for the kind offer. I'll medal in that catagory though and besides, its my own fault for not going out to my local cemeteries and taking pictures. =)

    Agreed! It is also kind of confusing because some of the organizing I've done can count as more than one task (but do I count it once, wherever applicable or what?). I've kind of thrown my hands up on the organization catagory, lol. But its okay, I did manage to do some of the tasks (I think, lol). =)


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