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One of the hidden gems of FamilySearch is one I stumbled upon out of pure frustration and luck.  I was trying to access the new content that was added at the end of April to the pilot site but was having no luck due to server errors.  After a few tries I decided to step away and try again later.  Since I had some time on my hands and was on the FamilySearch site anyway, I decided to look around.  That's when I found this wonderful resource.

The series of videos cover a diverse field of topics and are well put together.  In fact, I can pretty safely say they are by far the best free online genealogy classes I've ever come across.  Some videos come with a handout which is little more than an outline of what the video will cover, but they are helpful nonetheless.  The classes range from how to read handwriting and do research to how to research specific ethnicities.  Some of my favorites so far are:  Research Logs parts 1 and 2, Inferential Genealogy, Basic Italian Research, and The Bachelor: Reconstructing a Solitary Life Using Obscure & Far-Flung Records.

Whenever I know I'll have a free evening or want to reward myself, I try and do another class.  So far, I've yet to be disappointed.  I believe they are adding new classes as well, some of the classes I've done were posted only last month.  If you want some inspiration or to jump start your research, I highly recommend one of FamilySearch's online classes - you'll be glad you did.


  1. Leah,
    I think our members will benefit so I'm including a link to this blog post in the upcoming June edition of the California Genealogical Society's eNews. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leah,
    I agree with Kathryn. I'm also linking to your blog post from the Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin (Http:// and planning to add a link to your site in our quarterly printed newsletter.

  3. Leah,
    I stumbled upon these online classes a while ago and planned to check them out. I got busy with something else and forgot all about them. Thanks for the reminder!


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