Surname Saturday: Wood

1. Me!
2. and 3. My parents
4. and 5. My grandparents

8. Joseph James Allen
7 April 1891, Wyman/Edmore, Montcalm, Michigan; bet. 1846 and 1950, Michigan
9. Daisy May Croad
6 Nov 1896, Lakeview, Montcalm, Michigan; 24 June 1990, Pinellas Co., Florida

16. Joh Grant Allen
18 May 1869, Niles, Trumbull, Ohio; 27 Sep 1955, Parma, Jackson, Michigan
17.  Marion Wood
Feb 1871, Summit, Jackson, Michigan; bef. 1955

34. Charles S. Wood
Oct 1842, probably Ireland; bet. 1910 and 1915, probably in Rolland, Isabella, Michigan
35. Didame/Diadame/Didamia Beam
10 Oct 1852, East Zorra, Oxford, Ontario, Canada; 7 May 1895, Rolland, Isabella, Michigan

68. Charles Wood
circa 1817, Ireland; 22 March 1863, South Dumfries, Brant, Ontario, Canada
69. Jane Montgomery
6 Aug 1816, County Cavan, Ireland; 18 Feb 1893, Blenheim, Oxford, Ontario, Canada

The Woods were supposedly originally from Scotland, reportedly from just outside Edinburgh.  I have not been able to go that far back with the family.  They were most likely Ulster Scots from County Cavan, Ireland before coming to Canada in 1855.  They first settled in Galt, Waterloo, Ontario where Jane's family had come to some time before.  I'm very confident that Jane's last name was Montgomery and have multiple sources that support it.  However, for some strange reason, Jane's daughter (also a Jane) lists her mother's maiden name as Fallagher on her death record. Whoever reported the death either didn't know or had been missinformed, but I'm still mentioning it as a possibility just in case.


  1. Leah, have you tried this site for Charles S Woods, who you believe died 1910 - 1915?? Has death certs, free


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