Madness Monday: What Is That?!

Several years ago I was surfing the internet and came across my 5th great-grandfather's tombstone picture.  It was a great find, but one thing puzzled me about it and continues to do so: a marker next to his tombstone.

I've seen special insignia markers before but none like the one next to his grave.  Since I have never been to New England, it is possible that it has something to do with that specific area.  What I think it is is a DAR insignia marker.  He is listed in their index of graves of Revolutionary soldiers (though I have no idea where they got the information that he was a veteran) and I wonder if the marker was placed around the time he was indexed by the DAR (the 1920s).  Adding to this is the fact that there is a small American flag just next to the mystery marker and I'm even more confident it has something to do with the war. 

Has anyone ever come across this marker before?  Does anyone know what it signifies or represents?  Sorry for the poor picture quality, it is the best I could do.


  1. Can you make out any of the writing on the marker? Could be for something other than Revolutionary War. Hope someone more educated that I can help!

  2. Where is your grandfather buried? You could contact the nearest DAR chapter to have them confirm this. They are responsible for placing the flag every Memorial Day. If not, try the nearest Veterans's lodge.

  3. Did he live near the ocean? It appears to looks like a steering wheel on an old ship..

    I have never seen that before.

  4. Leah, although the photo is a bit fuzzy, it actually looks more like an SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) marker. You can see a clear image of the SAR Patriot Marker here:

  5. Looks like an S.A.R. insignia. Check out this link:

  6. Thanks for the input everyone! Elizabeth, I think you're right. I just looked up the SAR grave marker that they place and it looks quite similar. I also looked him up in their patriot search and he popped up. Thanks for your help everyone, I appreciate it! =)


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