Friday, May 7, 2010

Follow Friday: Nutfield Genealogy

One of my very favorite blogs is Nutfield Genealogy, written by Healey/Healy/Haley cousin Heather Wilkinson Rojo.  Heather very graciously spotlighted this blog in her Follow Friday post today and when I saw that I had not already done the same, I wanted to return the compliment.

Heather frequently posts on a range of subjects and her posts are always well worth the read.  Some of my favorites from her are her posts on how to use Blurb, her posts for the various carnivals and her Tombstone Tuesday pictures which are always interesting.  Heather has also been writing some wonderful posts of late on Hawaii and her relatives, the prominent Dominis family.  Not too long ago, we found we had another connection besides our Haleys.  Turns out my third great-grandmother's sister, Estrella Mott Lies, lived with the Dominis family in Hawaii for about six months in 1848.  Best of all, "Essie" wrote a memoir of her early life, devoting a large portion to her time with the Dominis family at Washington Place and her youthful adventures in and around the area.

I've been slowly transcribing Essie's memoir and had planned on having part 13 up today but a bout with a bug has put me behind.  I hope to have this section up by tonight but in the meantime do check out Heather's posts on Hawaii and the Dominis family including her most recent post from today on the Hawaiian Royal Family that Essie and the Dominis family knew.

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