Monday, November 14, 2011

Mappy Monday: My Family in 1920

I'm continuing to examine the residences and neighborhoods my ancestors were living in for each census.  This week covers 1920.

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1400 Vine St., Manistee, Manistee, MI
My great-great-grandparents are living in a pretty diverse neighborhood with a good sized immigrant community (primarily Polish and Swedish).  Almost everyone either works in a mill or factory (my great-great-grandfather was working as a machine operator in a planing mill).  They also owned their home free of a mortgage.

Croad Family Farm, Mecosta Co., MI
My great-great-grandparents are living in a community of farmers and farm laborers (including themselves).  Only them (England) and one other family (Sweden) are not native to the US.  They owned their farm but carried a mortgage (like most all of their neighbors).

615 W. Jefferson St., Grand Ledge, Eaton, MI
My great-grandmother married in 1919 and then again, to my great-grandfather, in 1921.  Sometime between then she was divorced.  In 1920 she is still listed as married but living as a lodger, without her husband.  This makes me think that she was divorcing when the census was taken.  She was working as a practical nurse.  Not much of an immigrant community.  Variety of occupations, though many seem to work for either a clay factory or chair factory.

12 Henry St., San Francisco, CA
Home was built in 1913.  My 3rd great-grandmother was living with her daughter and son-in-law.  Not much of an immigrant community. Variety of occupations, mostly clerks.  The family was renting.

Shinn Family Farm, San Joaquin Co., CA
My great-great-grandparents and my great-grandfather were living on the family farm.  Not surprisingly, most of their neighbors were also involved in agriculture.  Most everyone is from the US.  The family owned the farm mortgage free.

1508 Alameda Ave., Alameda, CA
Home was built in 1920 (were my ancestors the first owners?).  My great-grandmother was living here with her grandparents, aunt and uncle.  Lots of immigrants from all over, variety of jobs but nothing industrial (mills, factories, etc.).  They owned the home and had a mortgage.

1225 15th St., Sacramento, CA
My great-great-grandfather was living here.  There are no homes here now, mostly state offices.  He was renting and working as the manager of a lumber company.  Most everyone is from the US, variety of jobs (a few work for the railroad).

536 E. 21st St., Oakland, CA
My great-great-grandmother was living here with her son and daughter.  Most everyone works in or owns a store and are from the US.  They owned the home (sans mortgage) and it was built in 1915 which makes me wonder if they were the first owners.

429 Center St., Yreka, CA
No home with that address still stands.  Both of my great-great-grandparents were likely living here, but only Mary Anna Webb Wellons was enumerated.  Mostly everyone from the US and in a variety of occupations.

General Vicinity of the Berger Residence
Cannot locate home.  Family was living in an area of what is now Mt. Shasta City that no longer exists.  Not much of an immigrant community.  Most of the neighbors work for the railroad, rail yard or box factory (there was one in nearby Weed).

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