Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family of the Week: Beams of Sanilac Co.

Morgan Beam was the brother of my great x3 grandmother, Diadame Beam Wood.  Morgan was the son of Josiah and Susanna Horton Beam.  He was born in June of 1840/41 in East Zorra, Oxford, Ontario, Canada.  On 14 Jan 1863 he married Elizabeth Winegardner and they had:

1. Margaret L. Beam, b. Jan 1865.  She never married and died in Sanilac Co., MI on 2 Feb 1924.

Elizabeth died sometime afterward and Morgan remarried Mary Polly Gregory around 1868.  Shortly afterward they moved to Sanilac Co., MI and had:

2. Herbert James Beam, b. 18 Oct 1868/69 in Worth, Sanilac, MI.  He married 1st Susie Baker on 12 Dec 1897 in Lexington, Sanilac, MI.  They had Roy Beam on 6 June 1898 in Lexington before divorcing in 1899.  Herbert married 2nd Bertha Merrick Pifer on 10 Jan 1907 in Lexington.   Roy Beam married Millie Cheney on 18 July 1924 in Port Huron, St. Clair, MI, they had two children.  Roy died in 1958.

3. Dollie Beam, b. June 1870 in Sanilac, MI.  She married John Nunn on 7 May 1891 in Lexington, Sanilac, MI.  They had Herbert J. Nunn on 8 Nov 1892 in Lexington and Jemima Nunn in Oct 1897 in Sanilac Co.  Dollie died in March 1904 in Sanilac Co. Herbert married Ina Belle Thornton on 24 Nov 1915 in Lexington, they had at least two children.  He died on 6 Dec 1965 in Sanilac Co.  Jemima married Ervin John Woodruff in 1916, they had five children.

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