Sunday, October 11, 2009

Italian Heritage Month!

Well, it certainly seems like October is the genealogy month of the year.  Hispanic, Polish and Italian heritage as well as family history in general fall under October (I'm probably forgetting a few other heritages celebrated this month, apologies if I am). 

Since I'm Italian I can't let this month pass without celebrating in some way!  I'm going to do a series of posts to celebrate the month actually.  I had planned to start this at the beginning of the month but non-blogger activites (midterms!!! Ugh.)  have been keeping me preoccupied.  So here is the plan: Monday I'll be posting an Italian recipe which is popular in my family, Wednesday I'll post about Italian genealogy research, including my own and Friday I'll be posting on Italian immigration. 

Even if you aren't Italian, find some way to celebrate Italy and everything great that has come out of the country and its people (going to Round Table and downing some Two Buck Chuck doesn't count!).  You can celebrate through food, film, literature, art, music, etc. - the possibilites are limitless!

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  1. Brava, Leah! The significance of Italian Heritage Month is found in the singular courage of our forebears who traveled to the shores of their adopted home to remove barriers and create limitless opportunities for we, who celebrate their tenacity by retaining the best of our Italian heritage and culture.


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