Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family of the Week: John Shinn

John Shinn was the son of John Shinn and Jane Herbert and was born in New Hanover Twp., Burlington, New Jersey on 8 Dec 1785.  He was a clerk or storekeeper judging by an accounts book of his that has passed down in the family.  He married Elizabeth Asay on 1 Nov 1809, probably in Monmouth Co., New Jersey.  He died on 20 Dec 1840 in Mansfield Twp.

Elizabeth Asay was born circa 1785 in Springfield Twp., Burlington, NJ, there is some confusion over her parentage.  She died on 26 July 1863 in Mansfield Twp.  Elizabeth and John Shinn had:

  1. John Irick Shinn, b. 9 Aug 1810, Burlington Co., NJ; d. 15 July 1889, Burlington Co., NJ.  Married 15 Jan 1837 Hannah Wilbur Lyons.  They had twelve children, seven reaching adulthood.
  2. Mary Anne Shinn, b. 26 June 1812, Burlington Co., NJ.  Married James Pit(t)man in 1832 in Burlington Co.  They had eight children (possibly more), but only two are known to have reached adulthood.
  3. Charlotte Shinn, b. 20 Oct 1814, Burlington Co., NJ.  Married 3 Jan 1850 in Chesterfield, Burlington, New Jersey Samuel Whitehouse (or Whighthouse).  No known descendants.
  4. Jane S. Shinn, b. 8 Oct 1816, Burlington Co., NJ.  Married Joseph Deviny circa 1845.  Four children reached adulthood, possibly others who died young.
  5. Sarah Shinn, b. 1 Sep 1818, NJ.  Died after 1900, probably in Camden City, Camden, NJ.  Never married.
  6. Hannah Shinn, b. 11 Mar 1821, NJ. Married Daniel Pitman.  At least four children reached maturity.
  7. John R. Shinn, b. 21 Apr 1823, Burlington Co., NJ; d. 29 Oct 1867, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married Maria Adelaide Doyle on 23 Dec 1852 in New Jersey.  Had three children; this is my line.
  8. Edith Shinn, b. 28 Aug 1825, New Jersey.  Married Chalkley Keeler, no issue.
  9. Jacob Asay Shinn, 28 Aug 1829, NJ.  All published accounts say he never married but I've come across at least one person online who claims to be descended from him.
Some of these lines I'm a little sparse on information on, like Hannah Shinn/Daniel Pitman.  For others, I have a wealth of information.  If you think you are in any way connected to this family, please contact me- I would love to exchange information!

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