Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surname Saturday: Jackman

I've been doing a "Family of the Week" post every Sunday for several weeks now but with the introduction of "Surname Saturday" I think I'll just kind of merge the two from now on. 

For my first surname of the meme I'm going with my Jackmans.  Jackman is a pretty far back one in my tree (my great x 4 grandmother is the most recent Jackman) but it is a special one because it was the first family I ever researched.  My line goes (NOTE I have much more information on these people than I am including below):

  1. James Jackman (1611, Exeter, Devon, England ~ 1694, Newbury, Essex, MA).  Came to the US in the 1630s and was a founder of Nwbury/Newburyport, Massachusetts.
  2. Richard Jackman (1660, Newbury ~ 1713, Newbury), married Elizabeth Plummer/Plumer/Plommer (1662, Newbury ~ 1700, MA)
  3. Richard Jackman (1684, Newbury ~ 1737) and Elizabeth Major (orig. Le Messurier) (1682, Newbury ~ 1739)
  4. Richard Jackman (1709, Newbury ~ 1761, Boscawen, Merrimack, New Hampshire) and Martha Call (1718, Boscawen).  A large number of Jackmans settled in the Boscawen area and most, if not all, are connected to the original Newbury Jackmans started with James.
  5. Moses Jackman (1746, Boscawen ~ 1838, Boscawen) and Martha Morse/Moss (1756, Newbury)
  6. Moses Jackman (1776, Boscawen ~ 1861, Livonia, Livingston, New York) and Rhoda Collins (circa 1781, Ira, Rutland, Vermont ~ 1811, Mendon, Monroe, New York)
  7. Alzina Jackman (1810, Livonia, Livingston, New York ~ 1890, San Joaquin Co., CA) married Heman Doyle (1809, Vermont ~ 1881, San Joaquin Co., CA)
  8. Mariah Adelaide Doyle (1832, Rochester, Monroe, New York ~ 1917, San Joaquin Co., CA) and John R. Shinn (1823, Burlington Co., New Jersey ~ 1867, San Joaquin Co., CA)
If you are connected to any of the people listed above, please contact me by either commenting on this post, clicking the green "Contact" button on the far left of this blog or by e-mailing me directly (my e-mail can be found by clicking on my Blogger profile or scrolling below to the TOS of this blog).  I would especially like to exchange information with anyone connected to 6 Moses Jackman/Rhoda Collins (or Moses and his second wife, Betsey Beecher), 7 Alzina Jackman/Heman Doyle or 8 Mariah Doyle/John R. Shinn.

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  1. Well, I do believe we might be cuzins! Right now I am showing your James Jackman as my 10th great-grandpa -- by way of his daughter, Sarah, who marries Joseph Palmer. Vickie in Texas


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