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Family of the Week: Tock

Emma Sophia Tock was my great-great-grandmother.  She was the daughter of James Tock and Martha Elizabeth(?) Wadd. 

James Tock was born in Alkborough, Lincolnshire on 12 July 1818.  He was the son of William Tock and Elizabeth Unk.  Tock is a regionally specific surname in the UK in Lincolnshire, especially the Alkborough area.  On the 1851 census, James states that he was an agricultural labourer and his wife Martha is listed as a washerwoman.  James married Martha Wadd on 14 June 1848,  They came to the US 1853, arriving in Portland, Maine on the "Gypsey."  James and Martha had:

1. Mary Elizabeth Tock.  Born 2 Feb 1849, Burton upon Stather, England; D. 10 April 1935, Murphys, Calaveras, California.  Mary Elizabeth married George Russell on 23 Feb 1875 in Stockton, San Joaquin, California.  George and Mary Elizabeth had:
  1. George Russell, b. Aug 1876, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA
  2. James Henry Russell, b. 5 Sep 1877, Sacramento, CA; d. 24 Feb 1957, Concord, Contra Costa, CA.  James married Lilith Mary Land on 4 Aug 1904 and they had three children.
  3. Isaac L. Russell, b. circa 1879.  He only appears on the 1880 census, I believe he died before 1900.
  4. Milton Ross Russell, b. Feb 1880, CA; d. circa 1919, Stockton State Hospital, Stockton, San Joaquin, CA. 
  5. Thomas Allen Russell, b. 4 Sep 1884, Taylor Co., Texas; d. aft 1930, CA.  Married Helen Adelaide Laidet, they had four children.
  6. Grover Cleveland Russell, b. 4 Mar 1886, Taylor Co., TX; d. young
  7. Mary Russell, b. Dec 1887, Taylor Co., TX or California; d. aft 1900 (I loose track of her after that census)
  8. Elsie Russell, b. June 1891, CA; d. 1922, CA.  Married John A. Fischer, they had two children.
2. Sarah Jane Tock "Sally." Born 13 Mar 1853, Calais, Washington, Maine or St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; D. 9 July 1898, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married Simon O'Dillion Turner on 3 Mar 1875, San Joaquin Co., CA.  They had:
  1. Walter W. Turner, b. 26 Apr 1876, CA; d. 1 Jan 1947, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married Myrtle E. Wiley (nee Bandy), they had twins.
  2. Lola V. Turner, b. 22 Jan 1881, San Joaquin Co., CA; d. 19 Feb 1958, Sacramento Co., CA.  Married Unk. McEnerney and Unk. Schmidt.
  3. Delbert Dayton Turner, b. 16 Apr 1883, CA; d. 11 June 1940, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married 1st, Florene A. Snedigar/Snediger (NOTE: Florene was the niece of Heman Doyle Shinn, who was Sarah Jane Tock's brother-in-law).  They had twins, Dorothy and Doris Turner on 15 June 1908 in San Joaquin Co., CA but I believe they died young.  Married 2nd, Hilda Christine Weber and they had a son, Delbert Dayton Turner, Jr. in 1918, he was in WWII: "Turner, a U.S. Army private first class, died in a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines. He was 25, educated in Lodi schools and graduated from the Oakland Concordia College. He was a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. According to news reports at the time, Turner’s family was first told he had been wounded, then informed he was missing in action. They later learned he was being held as a POW, and were finally told by telegram that he had died in a prison camp." From Vanishing Heroes: A Salute to Lodi's WWII Vets from the Lodi News-Sentinel, published 13 Nov 2000
  4. Annabel(le) or Anna Belle Turner, b. Sep 1887, CA.  Married 1st, John Nyhoff and had one daughter.  She married 2nd, George Bechthold, they had daughter Marjorie who was born and died on 7 July 1920.
3. Martha Ann(e) Tock.  Born 6 Mar 1854, St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick or Calais, Washington, Maine; D. 1 Aug 1875, Benson's Ferry, San Joaquin, CA.  Married John M. Benson on 8 Dec 1873 in Sacramento or San Joaquin Co., CA.  Up until about a year ago, no one knew that Martha had had a daughter before she died.  I only found her by chance when looking at later census records for John M. Benson.  The daughter always seems to have always considered her step-mother (John M. Benson's second wife, Adelaide Bovard, whom he married in 1878) as her mother, which makes sense since Annie's real mother died when she was a little shy of three months old.
  1. Annie Benson, b. 10 May 1875, Benson's Ferry, San Joaquin, CA; d. 11 Apr 1954, San Joaquin, CA.  Married Harvey Hale and they moved around San Joaquin Co., Sutter Creek (and Amador Co.), and Mason Valley, Lyon, Nevada.  They had five children. 
4. Emma Sophia Tock.  Born 27 Jan 1859, New Brunswick (probably St. Stephen); D. 11 Apr 1928, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married Heman Doyle Shinn on 8 Dec 1874, San Joaquin Co., CA.  They had:
  1. Flora Mae Shinn, b. 18 Dec 1875, San Joaquin Co., CA; d. 1 May 1945, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married George Mason Bancroft, they had three children.
  2. Elmer John Shinn, b. 5 Sep 1877, San Joaquin Co., CA; d. 9 July 1946, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married Gladys Viola Healey, they had four children.
  3. Bessie Adelaide Shinn, b. 10 Oct 1888, San Joaquin Co., CA; d. 13 Dec 1964, Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married 1st, Clarence Atwell, one daughter.  Married 2nd, Delmar Ross Detert, one daughter. 
Martha Wadd died in 1861 and James re-married Margaret Mowatt around 1865.  They had a son, James Samuel in 1867.  James wanted to come west and earn a better living but Margaret didn't want to leave New Brunswick/Maine so James and his daughters left her and James Samuel behind in 1874.  James Samuel and Margaret changed the surname to Tuck and remained in the New Brunswick area.  I haven't really researched the 'Tucks' but I did write a little about them here.

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