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Of my grandmother's four grandparents, each one was either born in Indiana or spent a period of their lives living there.  Therefore, I spend a lot of time working with Indiana resources.  And, on the whole, I've been able to gain quite a bit of information (though not all towns and counties have proved equally easy to research).

What can I do with all the information I've gathered?  Well, I can submit it to the two ongoing projects of the Indiana Genealogical Society: Always a Hoosier and Once a Hoosier.  I've known about both for a long time but am only just now getting to submitting my info to them both.

My "Always a Hoosier" Ancestors and Relatives:
(for those born before 1930 and buried in Indiana)

Christian vonAllmen (1814-1887), Barbara Steiner vonAllmen (1822-1886), and their children and grandchildren buried in Evansville's Oak Hill Cemetery.

Priscilla (Mason) Webb (1822-1863) and her sons, Samuel Polk Webb (1845-1864) and John Martin Webb (1843-1863).  Buried in Sheeks Cemetery, near Bedford, Lawrence, Indiana.

The Berger family (over 20 people, likely many more).  Most buried in Bremen Municipal Cemetery in Bremen, Marshall, Indiana.

My "Once a Hoosier" Ancestors and Relatives:
(for those born before 1930, buried outside of Indiana, spent some portion of their lives in Indiana)

Susanna vonAllmen Berger (1849-1932) and John W. Berger (1841-1891).  Buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, Alameda, California along with their son, Jesse (1887-1971).

George W. Wellons (1849-1932) and Mary Anna Webb Wellons (1862-1926).  Buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Yreka, Siskiyou, CA.  George and Mary Anna also have many siblings and nieces and nephews who fall into this category, as well as the "Always a Hoosier" project.

Andrew Webb (1820-1902), buried in Henley/Hornbrook Cemetery in Hornbrook, Siskiyou, CA.

Have you submitted your Hoosier information to the projects above?  Another incentive to do so is that submissions to the "Once a Hoosier" project have been compiled into a publication by IGS (they are up to volume three right now).

Disclosure:  I am in no way affiliated with the Indiana Genealogical Society - I'm not even a member (but I hope to be in 2012).

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  1. I never heard of this but I have a few oncers. Thank you for the information.


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